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Hold on to the strong, well-constructed office furniture and give it a new life with Sujeta Upholstery. It cost less than buying new and your quality furniture will continue to serve many more years.

What Is Your Office Furniture Telling Visitors about Your Company?

couchMost professionals would never even consider wearing a stained suit with missing buttons or threadbare cuffs to a sales presentation.

But it's amazing, the number of companies who never stop to think of the impression their clients get from classic office furniture with worn head rests, threadbare arm covers, or stained seat cushions.

Not to mention the nicks, scrapes, and - worst of all - rips that happen to valuable furniture during an office move!

Your clients' good opinion determines the good fortune of your company...don't let worn office furniture spoil your good impression! Let Sujeta Upholstery repair or reupholster your damaged pieces for a fresh new look.

We are here to reupholster or repair your waiting area chairs and sofas, exam chairs, chiropractor or acupuncture tables, dentist tables and chairs or massage tables. We work around your business hours and client schedule to complete upholstery work. There is noting better than new, fresh looking office furniture.

What have our past clients said about our work?

If you’d like to see how we have revitalized our clients’ offices, just take a look at some of the before and after photos below...