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Whether You're Looking to Set Off a Stunning View... Hide Construction Flaws...or Dress Up a Plain Bed Frame...

Upholstery Treatments Do It All with Affordable Style!

bedYou don't want to hide that incredible view, but your picture window does need... soften its long lintel. Or perhaps the contractors weren't too careful with the plumb line when they put in the window frame. Or maybe your guest bed does look dreadfully plain...

Decorators have known for years how fabrics can pull a room's décor together, hide its flaws, and transform it from dull to dramatic!

And when you combine this powerhouse design potential with the old-time craftsmanship of a Sujeta cornice or headboard, you can turn a room with problems into a room with style and panache!

bed 2Sure, your local hardware and fabric stores may advertise do-it-yourself cornices and headboards...and if you've got the skill to do it well, that's great! But here at Sujeta, we work with a level of craftsmanship that few DIY-ers ever reach.

We aren't just a carpentry shop...or a drapery shop...we are experts in merging frame with fabric!

With over a decade’s worth of experience in fine furniture restoration and upholstery, we know the woodworking secrets of the old-time artisans, and how to manage the nap and heft and drape and pattern of the cloth.

So there's no fussing, no re-measuring, no messy glues or tacks or staples...your window treatment or headboard is perfect from Day One and remains stunning for years!

Best of all, this fine craftsmanship will not break your budget! As we work with you directly, you never have to pay a retailers' markup...just our charges for materials and labor. And you'll never have to limit your fabric selection to a few options...we come to your design consultation with stacks of swatch books.