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Are You Still Trying to Find Your Unique Design In a Standardized World?

custom couchWe'll be the first to admit it - if you're willing to adapt to the popular trends, you can find some nice ready-made items in the retail stores...

But if you are seeking a truly unique design that expresses your creativity, taste and vision - not that of the latest mass-marketed decorator - you're not going to find it in any catalog, website, warehouse, or boutique!

Here at Sujeta, we know that you won't find your unique design in the limited options that retailers will offer you.

How will you find it? By going to an artisan who knows how to craft a product in the old-fashioned way that requires painstaking skill and ingenuity and love of the work...

...An artisan who will listen to you - your wants and needs and design ideas...not just check off options on a checklist or tell you "Sorry, we can't do anything like that..."

...An artisan who will collaborate with you as a partner to make your design practical and workable in the real world...

In short, by coming to Sujeta!

custom No matter how unusual your design is, we will bring it to life, with all the creativity and attention to detail that it deserves...from our initial consultation to the moment when we install the finished product.

In fact, some of our best projects have been unusual pieces for clients who didn't know if we could match their custom designs. Here is what some of those clients have said when they saw the products they'd commissioned:

Best of all, this incredible craftsmanship will not break your budget. As we work with you directly, you never have to pay a retailers' markup...just our charges for materials and labor. And you'll never have to limit your fabric selection to a few options...we come to your design consultation with stacks of swatch books.

Haven't you searched long enough for a way to bring your dream design to life? For true ingenuity and expert craftsmanship, contact Sujeta Upholstery today and see what we can do for you!

If you’d like to see some of the numerous custom designs we have built, just browse through these photos