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Once Upon a Time, One-of-a-Kind Decorator Craftsmanship Was Easy to Find.

Now, There's Sujeta.

There was a day, long ago, when homes and offices were as unique as their owners...

And when master woodworkers and upholsterers were crafting your furnishings, upholstery, and window treatments to order, you could be 99% certain that your décor was one of a kind!

You've probably noticed...times have changed since then. Retailers today want you to believe that you can put together a unique, custom look from a jumble of mass-produced items....

But you know better!

Are You Looking For Uniqueness in a Standardized World?

couch 1Let's face it, even the best interior decorating stores today offer standardized styles and a limited selection of fabric, color and pattern for each style. So what do you wind up with? A variation on a theme...not a totally unique idea. For that original custom look, you need Sujeta. Whether you're looking to restore and reupholster your antique furniture, or picturing upholstered cornices and headboards for your windows and beds, or planning one-of-a-kind special projects. Sujeta Upholstery will make your home or office décor as unique as you are! You see, you make all the design decisions in our initial consultation.

You Have the Vision, We Have the Skill

chairWith our coaching and stacks of swatch books, you tell us about the design, material, padding, and finish that you want for your project... Then we take your vision and bring it to life! We follow your instructions to the last detail, using the time-honored techniques that we learned from old-time artisans. Finally, we judge our work by a rigorous standard that guarantees the beauty, quality, and functionality of the finished piece for years to come. You won't get a standardized, mass-produced item from Sujeta, but a handcrafted, unique work of art made to your exact specifications.

Would You Rather Work with a Retail Middleman - Or the Artisan?

couch 2But what about the cost, you may be asking? An artisan's years of training surely don’t go for sweatshop wages! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! Because you are dealing with us directly, without a retail markup, you will pay less than you would pay for a high-end mass-produced product! Isn't it time for you to stop trying to find a one-of-a-kind look in a mass-produced world? Contact Sujeta Upholstery now to set up a free estimate for your project...and discover old-time craftsmanship to fit your needs today.


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residental reupholsteryAre you looking doubtfully at that worn, battered and much-beloved antique that's been handed
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commercial reupholsteryMost professionals would never even consider wearing a stained suit
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